We, the peoples of the United Nations, in free recognition of the Divine, spiritual and inalienable rights of all Humanity, agree without fear or reservation of intent to protect, serve and maintain these fundamental understandings in all societies and nations that seek to live in peaceful world cooperation and Brotherhood based upon right human relations.

We accord the establishment of the Four Freedoms
  1. Freedom of worship
  2. Freedom of speech and expression
  3. Freedom from want
  4. Freedom from fear
as the essential principles upon which the United Nations is founded and determine these tenets as the basis of all human rights.

To ensure the strength of good will between all people and nations we avow the significant rights of each person to determine without any form of coercion whatsoever their response to these stated Freedoms.
The moral requirement for all people implicit in the acceptance of these principles resides in their continual application and development nationally and internationally without reserve.


We acknowledge the great insecurities, instability and vast damage throughout the world that the long history of continual warfare has produced on all aspects of human development. Spiritual growth, human rights, sovereign rights of nations, all cease to be possible whilst the acceptance and application of war is maintained. We recognize that the conditions necessary for nations and people to overcome all forms of warfare can only be achieved in the total abandonment of the use of force to resolve disputes.

This requires

  1. the cessation of the production of all weapons and the machineries of war with their subsequent indiscriminate distribution world wide.
  2. a general disarmament of all populations and nations without exception, in such a thorough fashion that no person, group or nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor anywhere in the world.

War must be brought to its final consummation and expression with a view to its final discarding as a means of arriving at desired ends.


We regard the sovereign rights and self government of all nations as sacrosanct when the following postulates are the determining fundamental principle

  1. the greatest asset of any nation resides in the freely expressed good will of its people
  2. governments should be controlled by all the people, each sharing equally in the privileges, duties and responsibilities and each participating in the government as representatives when a high level of proven ability has been achieved.

Such honor and opportunity of service can only be perceived as sacred office.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people, based upon the good will of the people, enhances a nations individual qualities and characteristics, protects all aspects of social development and ensures peaceful collaboration everywhere in the world.

Generations of mental and psychological damage resulting from non-existent or poorly directed human rights programs have severely restricted the development of millions of people world wide.
Establishing and maintaining comprehensive right human relations in all areas of social growth will remain one of the primary considerations for all governments well into the future.
The responsibility for all people requires the intelligent use of the will focused in the recognition of the divine nature of man to become a natural and normal approach to all human contact and activity.

Focused, determined, enlightened public opinion is the most potent force in the world.


We consider the indispensable requirement for the physical survival of humanity must allow every nation great and small to peruse its own individual culture and work out its own salvation as seems best to it, but that each and all should develop the realization that they are organic parts of one corporate whole and that they must contribute to that whole all they have and are.
Humanity itself must be the goal of all interest and effort based upon the integrity of the whole responding to the spirit of sharing.

Given the vast natural wealth of this planet there is no justifiable excuse for the lack of the essentials of life in any part of the world.
Selfishness, greed, financial injustice, the exploitation of the weak and helpless are deplorable conditions reflecting the failure to work a wise and impartial scheme for the supply of human need throughout the world.

The will to organize having its origin in the divine nature of man, aided by the unified economic intent of all nations, applied by the people of good will, directed to the development and distribution of the abundant natural and intellectual resources of the planet, without favoring any group or nation, ensures that every person regardless of circumstances receives all necessary amounts of food, clothing, shelter, medicine and education for their well-being — anywhere in the world.
Such economic understanding and cooperative good will reflects the divine nature of humanity and ensures conditions of peace and security world wide.


We hold without reservation to the conviction of the divine right of all people regardless of culture or belief to be able to freely worship and develop spiritual understanding in the manner of their own choosing.
The effect of the long history of spiritual teaching and encouragement to be found directed to all humanity has produced in human consciousness a divine awareness and the Way in which this can be achieved.
Regardless of the great diversity of religions unity for all is found in the universal acceptance of this basic ideal.

Thus the kingdom of man and the kingdom of God have been brought into relationship.
The fact of God Transcendent has been established.
Mans recognition of the divine nature of all life has established the fact of God Immanent.
The Brotherhood of Man can then be recognized as God in expression.

The great cleavage for humanity has always been based on the relationship between spiritual consciousness and material consciousness. The responsibility of organized religious teaching has been to guide humanity to the way of divine awareness and freeing it from material focus this has been done with great success by countless men and women.
However with the increased capacities of the human mind and the inability of these organizations to adjust to the new demands for spiritual understanding confusion can now be seen in all areas of social activity.

What has yet to be clearly recognized is that with the understanding of the Brotherhood of Man as God in expression the human kingdom has achieved a considerable advance in spiritual awareness.
Humanity is the world saviour.

The freedom of worship is now to be found in all people responding without any inhibition to divine Love which is wisdom, good will and effective skillful activity.

To these Freedoms we have resolved to combine our efforts to accomplish these aims.